Cowboys' Guest Ranch

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The Cowboys' Guest Ranch was the first to introduce Rodeo (one of the oldest sports in America ) in Europe under the direction of Charly Beyssier, a cowboy professional and member of the P.R.C.A. since 1976. An exciting mix of sports and showmanship developed especially and suiting for a European audience.

The show takes place at the Palatexas, a covered 4,500 square meter arena seating more than 1,400.

The championship features competitions among cowboys in Bareback Riding (no saddle), Saddle Bronco Riding (with saddle) and Bull Riding. The Rodeo at the Cowboys' Guest Ranch starts with the cowgirls' spectacular grand opening parade followed by reckless Indian riding actions, the unbridled competition between the chuck wagons, fast cowgirls challenging each other in games and rides, the old west stagecoach, cowboy and animal performances and more.

A breathtaking and exciting show!

Also, during the show, the audience can participate in games like Goat Scramble (goat catch) a friendly competition for kids, the Pony Express Race (delivery of mail) for safe adults and Wild Cow Branding (the herds branding with non-toxic paint) for reckless adults.

Moreover, the audience is totally involved in the show: the seating sectors are divided into red and blue teams supporting cowboys and cowgirls of the red or blue team. Everybody will support their athletes, following where they seat.

It's impossible to describe the feel, fun and the emotions distinguishing the Wild West Show... you have to live it!

Cowboys' Guest Ranch
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